Transfz Beta 1.11

Launch an online search from any application

Transfz is a great, free Windows program, that belongs to the category Productivity software. View full description

Transfz is a great, free Windows program, that belongs to the category Productivity software.

More about Transfz

Transfz is a not that heavy program that does not require as much space than the average program in the category Productivity software. It's a program frequently downloaded in countries such as Algeria, Ethiopia, and India.Since the program was added to our catalog in 2007, it has managed to achieve 1,815 downloads, and last week it achieved 5 downloads.Transfz is available for users with the operating system Windows 2000 and former versions, and you can download it only in English. The software version is 1.11 and it has been updated on 8/09/2007.


  • All modules integrated into -one- exe, modules still runs in seperate processes
  • Feature: New extension to integrate with "Mamma Desktop Search" & possib. others
  • Change: Faster GUI menu 'drawing'
  • Change: ~200kB cut from install size "more features less bloat" is the mantra here
  • Change: More reliable move/delete/edit code in options module
  • Change: Faster string handling in options module (less dependency on third party libs)
  • Bugfix: Clipboard loads and saves unicode text correctly
  • Bugfix: Windows registered icons corrected for tfplugins
  • Bugfix: Special space coversion fixed (raw edit "Free Dictionary.tfplugin" for example)
  • Bugfix: Changelog on update now opens a messagebox alone, no more notepad problem
  • Bugfix: Fix of regression in 1.10 -hotkey reload is working properly again
  • Bugfix: Possible array overflow fixed
  • Bugfix: Nasty bug that caused frist item just above subdirs in global menu to not work
  • Bugfix: Gui inconsistenct when moving extensions the "raw edit" button is now disabled.

This application allows you to make online searches from any Windows application. Simply select the word or text string you want to use and launch your favorite Internet search engine with a customizable hotkey.

You can select which search engine to use, including not only the most popular ones such as Google and Yahoo! but also online dictionaries and the Wikipedia, to name a few of the available resources.

Transfz features other functions like a powerful clipboard holder and manager, quick extensions to modify texts and support for basic statistics.

Lean and Feature Filled

Quickly launch a lookup in any online search engine or dictionary through the Global Menu. Searches can be performed from all applications - you are no longer bound to the browser.

Allowing you to work faster

Basic statistics allows you to keep a track of how much faster you work when using Transfz. workload.


Use Extensions to do any type of text or code manipulation, a number of extensions are already available in the default Transfz installation.



Transfz Beta 1.11